BioCleans Premium Diesel Additive

Premium Diesel Fuel Additive

fuel economy • power • lubricity • cetane
The only product that you will need!
Preventative maintenance for all diesel fuel systems and storage tanks to protect your investment and maintain improved equipment reliability.
  • Continuous "clean up" of fuel system to maintain durability and performance
  • Increase in fuel economy to help reduce the cost of driving
  • Associated reduction in emissions for reduced effect on environment & carbon footprint
  • Optimal lubricity levels to protect from premature wear of fuel systems components
  • Higher cetane levels for increase in combustion efficiency resulting in better starts
  • Unsurpassed anti-gel for more consistent winter startup and reliability
  • Does not need heated storage for effective handling in winter conditions
  • Bacterial activity to reduce tank sludge to maintain a better quality of fuel in storage
  • Meets Tier 1 for higher performance diesel fuel, similar to European standards for better overall reliability
  • Effective in biofuels including B20
  • Convenient packaging and treat rate - 1 litre to 1000 liters of fuel
Reduced CO2 Emissions & Particulates
Can your diesel fuel meet today's OEM demands?
Industry Alert
  1. Today's high-performance diesel engines are prone to harmful deposits
  2. A new problem facing original equipment in both light and heavy duty diesel application
  3. These deposits can slow the response, or cause sticking of moving internal injector parts, resulting in a loss of control injection
  4. OEMs find in the field, customers encounter challenges with their fuel such as poor lubricity, low cetane numbers, low temperature operability issues, injector deposits
  5. Clear and measurable advantages to incorporating a multi-functional diesel fuel additive into diesel fuel such as BioCleans D-SYL